SKK Migas Supports Jabung Work Program 2024

16 February 2024 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

SKK Migas has reaffirmed its support for Production Sharing Contractors (PSCs) including PetroChina International Jabung Ltd. (PCJL) to carry out exploration and development programs throughout 2024.

PCJL and several other Jambi-based PSCs were visited by SKK Migas Deputy Chief Nanang Abdul Manaf in late January. Accompanied by SKK Migas Southern Sumatra Representative Office (Sumbagsel) head Anggono Mahendrawan, Drilling and Well Division head Surya Widyantoro and Production and Facility Maintenance Division head Bambang Prayoga, Nanang visited the Betara Gas Plant (BGP) complex in Betara, West Tanjung Jabung. The group was welcomed by General Manager Jabung Wang Heping, Field Manager Jabung I Wayan Suandana and Project Manager Bambang Sukiyono.

At BGP, Jabung team gave a presentation about PCJL’s exploration and development programs for 2024, including drilling in nine development wells and one exploration wells as well as 3D and 2D seismic survey in the eastern part of Jabung Working Area. This year, PCJL has set a production target of 54,674 BOEPD, comprising 15,100 BOEPD of oil and condensate, 15,619 BOEPD of LPG and 23,954 BOEPD of gas sales.  

“PCJL is honored to receive full support from SKK Migas for exploration and development programs in Jabung in order to achieve national production target. This visit in the beginning of the year will encourage us to keep focused on carrying out our programs in line with the 2024 Work Program and Budget [WP&B],” Wang explained.

In a discussion with Jabung team during his visit to BGP, Nanang said that effective and massive exploration and development programs are the key to achieving production target of one million BOEPD of oil and 12 BSCFD of gas in 2030.

SKK Migas Deputy Chief Nanang Abdul Manaf said that he hoped everyone at PCJL would keep their high spirit in the effort of carrying out work strategies to achieve all targets, as there remain many objectives to be reached in order to maintain national energy security. He also appreciated PCJL workers’ good spirit and performance in carrying out various strategies, including flare gas optimization from Panen Well which planned for feed gas to mini/micro LNG, which is currently under study, including which wells can be sourced for the feed gas. “We must not be worried by erroneous statements spreading out there regarding the upstream oil and gas industry. Our industry has had significant positive contribution for the nation. Oil and gas is still ranked second after taxes in terms of contribution to state budget,” Nanang said. He continued that this should boost the spirits of upstream oil and gas workers to work more massively and aggressively to carry out proper strategies to boost national oil and gas production.

Nanang also reaffirmed that work safety would remain top priority to achieve successful operations in the field. “Drilling success means nothing if workers are endangered. Work safety must be the top priority in our duty, especially for those in the fields. We work massively and aggressively to achieve targets but safety must never be sidelined,” he said.

As operator of Jabung Working Area, PCJL is committed to carrying out oil and gas operation that is safe, environmentally friendly, and supportive of local communities in line with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.

Mohammad Iman Mahditama February 16, 2024
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