PetroChina Continues 3D & 2D Seismic Survey in Jabung Block

19 January 2024 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

SKK Migas and Production Sharing Contractor (PSC) PetroChina International Jabung Ltd. (PCJL) continue the process of 3D & 2D Seismic Survey “Eastern Jabung” in January 2024. PCJL has completed several parameter tests and public socialization to residents around the survey area in five districts in East Tanjung Jabung.

The seismic survey is scheduled for 10 months and covers 28,136 shooting spots. The 3D survey will be conducted in 121 square kilometers area in Ketemu Prospect, 71 square kilometers in Rukam Prospect, while the 2D survey will span in 250 kilometers line in the eastern part of Jabung Block. 

At least four parameter tests for 2D and 3D surveys in Ketemu Prospect were conducted between December 21, 2023, to January 7, 2024. Meanwhile, the 3D parameter test in Rukam Prospect will take place soon. On Saturday (6/1), PetroChina President Director Qian Mingyang, General Manager Jabung Wang Heping and Vice President SCM Gusminar visited the parameter test site in East Tanjung Timur to monitor the implementation of the seismic survey.

According to Qian, implementation of 3D & 2D Seismic Survey means a lot for PetroChina Jabung. As the first seismic survey during the Jabung PSC’s contract extension period, this program shows PCJL’s firm commitment to support the government’s effort to increase the oil and gas reserve in Indonesia, especially in Jabung. 

“PCJL is committed to execute the seismic survey efficiently and always follow the health, security and work safety regulations,” Qian said.

 As part of the seismic survey project, PCJL hosted socialization to residents in 31 subdistricts in 5 districts where the survey takes place, namely Dendang, Muara Sabak Barat, Muara Sabak Timur, Kuala Jambi, and Geragai.

“We would like to ask for continuous support from all stakeholders, including SKK Migas, the local governments and especially the residents living around the survey area. We really hope the survey will have satisfactory results that beneficial for the future of Jabung production,” Qian added.

Throughout the survey, around 950 workers are involved, many of them are local workers from East Tanjung Jabung. At the end of parameter test on January 7, PCJL recorded 46,638 safe working hours (zero accident).

As PSC under the monitoring of SKK Migas which is entrusted to continue managing Jabung Working Area for the period of 2023-2043, PCJL will boost various exploration and development programs to increase Jabung production. This year, PCJL plans to drill nine development wells with an option to drill four more wells at maximum. Furthermore, PCJL also plans to drill one exploration well namely NEB BASE-3.

In 2023, PetroChina recorded average daily lifting realization of 15,288 BOPD of oil and condensate and 156,09 MMSCFD of gas.

SKK Migas spokesman Hudi D. Suryodipuro said that SKK Migas fully supported the seismic survey in PCJL and other exploration programs stated in the Work Program and Budget (WPNB) 2024. 

“The seismic survey and exploration projects in PetroChina will support the government’s target of 1 million barrels of oil and 12 BSCFD of gas in 2030,” Hudi said Monday (15/1).

Hudi added SKK Migas expected that that massive, aggression, and efficient exploration efforts would also be carried out by other PSCs in Indonesia.

Mohammad Iman Mahditama January 19, 2024
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