Understanding Covid-19 Management for Oil and Gas

18 July 2021 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

PetroChina management members, including President Qian Mingyang, General Manager Jabung Wang Qilin, Vice President Finance Jin Lihao, Vice President Human Resources and Relations Dencio R. Boele, Vice President SCM Gusminar, and Act. VP Business Development and Technical Hasan Alam Widjaja.

In his opening remark in the first session of the health talk, Qian said that the company had applied strict measurements related to Covid-19 pandemic. “The Covid-19 vaccination program has been successfully carried out for PetroChina’s Jakarta Office and Jabung Field employees. We implement strict health protocols and multiple health screenings in our field,” he said.

“Recently, we have learnt about the new variants of Covid-19. For that, we have no other choice but to heighten our prevention efforts. Today’s event is another attempt to provide education to employees and sub-contractors regarding the prevention of Covid-19 transmission,” Qian added.

PetroChina management hoped that better knowledge related to Covid-19 was the key to prevent the very contagious transmission. “Hopefully, today’s event will improve the employee awareness regarding the steps to take when working and doing activities outside the house. We can also learn how to increase body resistance as an effort to avoid the transmission of Covid-19,” Qian said.

The speaker of the event was dr. Iqbal Mochtar, an occupational medicine specialist. According to Iqbal, Covid-19 pandemic is the first global health and safety concern to affect the oil and gas industry.

“Oil and gas industry, both in offshore and onshore, has different working environment with other industries, so Covid-19 transmission is a real concern. The pandemic is a major hazard because of the type of interactions and the duration of interaction, especially in fields, is intense,” he said.

Given the nature of the industry, oil and gas companies must have proper management for Covid-19 pandemic. “First, it takes full commitment and supports from the management, employees and all stakeholders in the company. Second, we must have risk assessment and stratifications. Third, we create the prevention and control programs based on the company’s compatibility,” he said.

Since the beginning of pandemic in March 2020, PetroChina management has implemented various prevention efforts for all employees. Jakarta Office employees have worked from home for more than one year, while Jabung Field employees must take few days of screening period in the transit house before being deployed in field.

Lutfi Rakhmawati July 18, 2021
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