SKK Migas-PetroChina Jabung Hands Over Assistance for ‘Pondok Pesantren’ in Tanjung Jabung Barat

10 February 2021 by
Stefani Paskalia Widiyani

The program is a part of the company’s social responsibility program for communities surrounding Jabung Block area.

The buildings were inaugurated by TJB Regent Safrial. SKK Migas Sumbagsel Senior Manager of Public Relations Andi Arie Pangeran and several other government officials attended the event. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, PetroChina Vice President Human Resources and Relations Dencio Renato Boele could not attend the event in person.

The event was held in Pondok Pesantren Dakuk Syekh Ismail Nagara, Bram Itam Kiri Village, Bram Itam District. The three buildings that were handed over were:

  1. Ash Shofa Multipurpose Hall, Pondok Pesantren Datu 'Syekh Ismail Nagara, Bram Itam Kiri Village, Bram Itam District.
  2. Female Santri Dormitory, Pondok Pesantren Riyadhul Jannah, Sungai Dualap Village, Kuala Betara District.
  3. Assalaam Dormitory, Pondok Pesantren Rhiyadhus Shalihin, Sungai Nibung Village, Tungkal Ilir District.

Vice President Human and Relations PetroChina Dencio Renato Boele said that a comfortable and healthy education place has many positive impacts on students. "Throughout the years we have supported a number of education infrastructure programs. This time, we are proud to support the development of several Islamic boarding schools,” said Dencio.

Stefani Paskalia Widiyani February 10, 2021
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