PetroChina Wins Occupational Health and Safety Award from Jambi Govt

30 January 2020 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

On Monday, January 27, 2020, PetroChina International Jabung Ltd. won the Jambi government’s occupational health and safety (K3) award. Jambi Governor Fachrori Umar presented the award to PetroChina Jabung field manager Arif Hari Suseno after a K3 month commemoration ceremony at the governor’s office.

"I would like to underline that PetroChina is strongly committed to implementing all K3 programs, in line with Government Regulation [PP] No. 50/2012," Arif said, adding that PetroChina had won safety awards from local and central governments, including for zero accident from the Manpower Ministry.

Jambi Governor Fachrori Umar expressed his appreciation for all companies operating in the province for prioritizing the occupational health and safety of workers.

"Whatever your business operations, occupational health and safety should be the first priority," the Governor said.

*Photo courtesy of Jambi Independent

Mohammad Iman Mahditama January 30, 2020
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