PetroChina Receives Safety Appreciation from Jambi Govt.

07 February 2021 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

The appreciation was given by Jambi Governor Fachrori Umar during an event to commemorate the Occupational Health and Safety (K3) Month in Jambi on February 4, 2021.

In this year’s K3 commemoration month, PetroChina Jabung’s HSSE Supertindent dr. Frans Henny will talk about the company’s efforts to prevent and control Covid-19 pandemic in a webinar on February 11. The appreciation was a nod to PetroChina’s continuous efforts to improve the health and safety standards in Jabung Block.

Each year, K3 Month is commemorated through several ways in Jabung Block. Following some social restrictions during Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s programs are mostly held online, including virtual quiz and webinar.

As the operator of Jabung Block, PetroChina puts health and safety as the top priority. PetroChina has implemented strict health measurements during the pandemic, including applying multiple screenings for all Jabung workforce prior to field assignments, regular disinfection programs and the restrictions of gathering. PetroChina also teams up with the regional government and other stakeholders to channel Covid-19 donations such as PPE for health workers and staple foods for community members.

Lutfi Rakhmawati February 7, 2021
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