PetroChina Jabung Signs Cooperation Agreement for Ship Piloting and Towing Services with Pelindo Regional 2 Jambi

07 June 2024 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

PetroChina International Jabung Ltd. (PCJL) has signed a cooperation agreement extension with state-owned port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) Regional 2 Jambi on ship piloting and towing services for PetroChina Marine Terminal located in Muara Sabak, East Tanjung Jabung Regency, Jambi Province.

The agreement signing was held at PT Pelindo’s office in North Jakarta on May 14, 2024. VP Operation & Development Yu Jinbao represented PCJL in signing the agreement. He was accompanied by Operation Support Manager Randy Condronegoro and staff members in attending the event. Meanwhile, PT Pelindo Regional 2 Jambi was represented by General Manager Ahmad Fahmi.

The agreement seeks to ensure optimal ship traffic and port services at PetroChina Marine Terminal, which would support smooth operations at Jabung Working Area. Furthermore, the agreement also boosts PetroChina’s commitment to implementing Anti Bribery Management System (ABMS) and occupational health and safety management, by ensuring safe operations and good governance in port operations.

Mohammad Iman Mahditama June 7, 2024
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