PetroChina Hosts Third Round of Covid-19 Socialization

21 February 2021 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

Bapak Qian Mingyang, President of PetroChina Indonesia, delivered a pre-recorded opening speech for all employees in Jakarta Office and Jabung Field. In his remark, he stressed that Covid-19 remained a serious health threat this year, even after the vaccination program began in January. He reminded all employees to stay vigilant and follow the health protocols at all times.

PetroChina’s HSSE Dept. reported the current health situation among PetroChina employees in both Jakarta Office and Jabung Field. Following Pak Qian’s remarks, the HSSE’s medical team reiterated the importance of wash hand, wear mask, avoid crowd, keep the distance, and always clean yourself after going out. The medical team also informed several weak spots inside and outside the house that became the source of Covid-19 infection.

The HR Department presentation highlighted several updated policies on Covid-19 Prevention and Handling for PetroChina employees. Throughout the pandemic, PetroChina Indonesia has taken serious prevention efforts since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic. The work-from-home policy has taken place almost one year. We also reduce the Jabung field workforce for each rotation period and implement strict screening protocols for employees prior to field assignment.

PetroChina Covid-19 hosted two Covid-19 socializations for Jakarta and Jabung employees. The first round took place in October 2019, carrying the theme of “Covid-19 Guide Book Socialization for Employees and their Families”. The main speaker in the first round of socialization was PetroChina medical doctors from HSSE Department.

The second event took place in December 2020 and brought the theme of “Socialization of Geotagged Attendance System”. The main speaker of the event was IT Department.

Lutfi Rakhmawati February 21, 2021
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