PetroChina Hosts Covid-19 Vaccination Webinar for Stakeholders, Employees

28 February 2021 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

Almost 300 PetroChina stakeholders and employees joined the webinar through zoom platform and YouTube channel.

The webinar invited three speakers, namely Health Ministry's director for direct infectious diseases, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, who is also the national spokesperson for COVID-19 procurement and vaccination; vaccinologist and internist Dirga Sakti Rambe; and Batang Hari Health Agency Head Elfi Yennie. PetroChina Jabung’s field medical officer Sri Putri Handayani became the moderator, while SKK Migas Sumbagsel’s staff Tania Dwi Adinda was the host of the event.

PetroChina Vice President of Human Resources and Relations Dencio Renato Boele and Head of Formality Division at SKK Migas Didik Setyadi delivered the opening remarks, while Head of SKK Migas Sumbagsel Adiyanto Agus Handoyo officially opened the webinar.

In his remarks, Dencio said that PetroChina fully supported the government’s Covid-19 vaccination program this year. “This webinar is a platform to invite the reputable experts to speak to our stakeholders and employees. Such event is very important to spread the right information about the safety of Covid-19 vaccines and the government’s vaccination programs,” Dencio said.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, PetroChina has created several webinars to support the government’s prevention and control efforts. Last year, PetroChina hosted three webinars related to Covid-19 topics. We also donated PPE for health workers in some provinces and staple food packages for communities living around our working areas in Jabung Block, Jambi.

Lutfi Rakhmawati February 28, 2021
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