PetroChina Hosts Post-Vaccination Covid-19 Health Talk for Jakarta Employees

09 May 2021 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

Over 400 employees attended two sessions of the health talk, which was focused on the importance of health protocols after vaccination and during the Idul Fitri holiday season.

PetroChina employees in Jakarta office had received their first Covid-19 vaccine shot in a vaccination program organized by SKK Migas on April 25-26.

Doctors Erni Juwita Nelwan and M Syaifullah from MMC Hospital spoke at the health talk, strongly encouraging employees to keep adhering to health protocols after receiving their first vaccine shot as vaccination does not mean 100-percent immunity against the Covid-19 virus. Adhering to health protocols remains the most effective way to curb the virus spread, while the vaccine shot is good to prevent severe illness if you catch the virus. Moreover, adherence to health protocols may effectively prevent the spread of new virus variants. With the latest reports saying that new virus variants have entered Indonesia, adherence to health protocols becomes increasingly crucial.

Islamic preachers Syaifudin Fadholi and Satiri Hasan from the PetroChina Moslem Community (BDI) also spoke at the health talk. They reminded employees to keep observing health protocols as they celebrated the Idul Fitri holiday. They encouraged employees to prioritize virtual gatherings with family members during the holiday to prevent creating new clusters and spreading the virus to their loved ones.

The health talk also featured four select videos submitted by employees in a recent video competition themed “Our Fight against Covid-19”. The videos highlighted the struggles employees and their families faced in the pandemic and how they fight the virus at home.

Mohammad Iman Mahditama May 9, 2021
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