PetroChina Hosts Booster Vaccination Event for Jabung Field Workers

23 February 2022 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

PetroChina Jabung hosted booster vaccination event for Jabung field workers in Jambi on Feb. 14-16, 2022. The three-day event, held in cooperation with local health agencies, was spread in Jambi city, Geragai Camp, Betara Gas Plant (BGP) and Southwest Betara (SWB). Booster vaccination is part of PetroChina’s effort to protect its Jabung field workers, especially amid the spread of the Omicron variant. More than 1,000 workers joined the program.

PetroChina Jabung medical supervisor M. Nasirudin said that the booster vaccine would provide better protection for field workers against Covid-19. “By taking this booster vaccine, we hope that employees can work more optimally in order to achieve production targets. This is part of PetroChina’s support for the government’s Covid-19 mitigation efforts,” he said.

Jambi Province health agency’s surveillance and immunization section head, dr. Dini Silvia, said that her office was happy to support PetroChina’s booster vaccination program. “As the number of Covid-19 cases is rising again, we urge everyone who is eligible to get booster vaccine,” she said.

Mohammad Iman Mahditama February 23, 2022
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