University Students Learns about Future Competencies in Oil and Gas Industry

13 April 2022 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

Around 176 university students from various cities took part in PetroChina’s Sharing Session “Future Competencies for Your Career in Oil and Gas Industry”, which was hosted online on Thursday, March 31, 2022.

The sharing session invited PetroChina HR Department’s Training Development Superintendent Yosefhine Ariyani and Recruitment Specialist Rosmalia. The event was opened by Communications Manager Ginandjar.

Yosefhine shared about essential competencies that fit for the industry in the future. Some of important competencies include as growth mindset, critical thinking, resilience, curiosity, flexibility, and teamwork.

Meanwhile, Rosmalia shared some of useful information about creating concise, honest and interesting curriculum vitae. She said that simple but clear resume that highlights an individual’s achievement or specialty would stand out during the recruitment process.

Apart from academic and technical excellence, the students must focus on mastering their soft-skill, including assertiveness and communication skill. “There are two kinds of competencies, which are technical and non-technical. Both are equally important to show how ready we are to be part of workforce,” Yosefhine said.

As part of upstream oil and gas industry in Indonesia, PetroChina has actively taken part in preparing qualified university graduates. PetroChina regularly hosts company visit programs where university students meet with both technical and non-technical departments to learn about PetroChina’s business in Indonesia. PetroChina also has internship programs for students and fresh graduates in various departments.

During the pandemic, PetroChina held two sharing sessions that attended by hundreds of university students from various majors in different cities in Indonesia.

Lutfi Rakhmawati April 13, 2022
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