Staple Needs Packages Distributed to Locals in Tanjung Jabung Timur

21 October 2021 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

This follows a similar event in Tanjung Jabung Barat regency on Oct. 5. Both events were held in collaboration with the 0419/Tanjab military district command (Kodim).

The event on Oct. 16 took place in Suka Jaya hamlet, Lagan Ulu village, Geragai district, Tanjung Jabung Timur. It was attended by PetroChina community development supervisor Yulian, Kodim 0419/Tanjab commander Lt. Col. (Inf) Erwan Susanto alongside other local military officials, Geragai district head Suwandi, local subdistrict and village heads and representatives of local communities.

The basic needs packages were distributed to 365 beneficiaries, comprising 190 in Geragai district, 45 in Muara Sabak Barat, 75 in Muara Sabak Timur, 45 in Mendahara Ulu and 10 in Mendahara.

Yulian said that PetroChina would continue to support communities around the company’s working area. “Hopefully, we can continue to nurture good relationships with Kodim 0419/Tanjab and other stakeholders in order to support local communities in various ways,” he said.

Meanwhile, Erwan said that the handovers were part of collective commitment to improve people’s welfare. “Hopefully, we can do more positive things to help people. Let us work together and strengthen our synergy while also ensuring successful vaccination program,” he said.

Mohammad Iman Mahditama October 21, 2021
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