SKK Migas – PetroChina Supports Manpower Festival in Tanjung Jabung Barat

08 July 2021 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

PetroChina Jabung Government & Relations Superintendent Saipul represented the company at the hybrid event, which was attended by 50 persons on-site and 544 others online. The event is aimed at boosting the region’s manpower productivity, create more jobs, and support people's welfare and sustainable economic development.

Saipul said that PetroChina always supported programs that create skilled workers as well as develop creative manpower and young entrepreneurs.

“PetroChina continuously supports Tanjung Jabung Barat’s millennial entrepreneur program. We hope that local youths continue to hone their entrepreneurial spirit and competitiveness, especially in the era of Industry 4.0,” he said.

Meanwhile, Anwar said that he appreciated SKK Migas and PetroChina for their support and collaboration between stakeholders was important in developing the local workforce.

Mohammad Iman Mahditama July 8, 2021
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