SKK Migas-PetroChina Held a Sharing Session on Corporate Communication Strategy

08 December 2021 by
Stefani Paskalia Widiyani

Over 200 students from various universities attended the virtually held event. SKK Migas Senior Manager Institutional Relations Syafe’i Safri, Dean of Communication Science Faculty Sahid University Dr. Andi Mirza Ronda, M.Si. and PetroChina Jabung Communication Manager Ginandjar also attended the event. The event allowed students to gain insights from PetroChina Jabung Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Specialist M. Yuda Ramdani and Community Development Supervisor Lasno.

During the opening speech, Ginandjar highlighted the importance of corporate communication for the continuation of business. “It’s important to have a good corporate communication strategy and know how to alleviate crisis, and CSR is one of the ways,” said Ginandjar.

During the sessions, students learned about utilising CSR programs to communicate positive brand image for the company. Yuda shared the importance of well-targeted programs to support the continuity for the company. “Programs are planned from the bottom-up with community as the core,” said Yuda. He also mentioned that synergy between PetroChina Jabung and other stakeholders is crucial. “PetroChina Jabung is always committed to involving not just the community but also government insitutions,” Yuda said.

The next session offered students to gain knowledge about how key opinion leaders play part during company’s communication crisis resolution. Lasno mentioned that there were three things that could determine the successfulness of communication strategy during a crisis. “Three things that support company’s crisis resolution. The first one is choosing the strategy, the correct time to respond, and the choice of communication channel and message which could use external party such as Key Opinion Leaders,” said Lasno.

PetroChina Jabung is always committed to support youths and ensuring people have the opportunity to learn. In the past, PetroChina Jabung has held many company visit programs for university students. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, PetroChina Jabung has moved to online platforms to hold company visits and webinars. Collaborating with academic institutions across the country has allowed PetroChina to gain insights in research and make knowledge transfer possible. The company values the long-standing partnership and is committed to strengthen them for many times to come.

Stefani Paskalia Widiyani December 8, 2021
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