PetroChina-supported Local Entrepreneur Shines at National Forum

27 October 2021 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

Firdaus is one of beneficiaries of PetroChina’s social investment programs in Tanjung Barat, Jambi. Along with his farmer’s group KUB Haji Bangun, Firdaus produces liberica coffee “Kopi AJIB” as a signature product from his hometown in Sungai Terap, Betara.

As second-generation farmer, Firdaus and his group wants to improve their business, not only selling the raw product but also make their own coffee brand. PetroChina has supported his business since 2019 through several programs.

In the first day of Forum Kapnas, Firdaus shared his journey as a local entrepreneur supported by PetroChina. “As a younger generation of coffee farmer, I want to grow the business. Our parent’s generation only sold green beans to middleman with relatively lower price. We want to make our own brand and take good care of the peatland around our hometown,” Firdaus explained. “Liberica coffee is a plant that grows well in a peatland, so coffee plantation in this area also has some environmental advantages,” he added.

PetroChina’s Vice President Supply Chain Management Gusminar also joined Firdaus in the panel discussion, talking about how the company supported local entrepreneurs develop their potential. Forum Kapnas 2021, an event initiated by SKK Migas and several production sharing contractors (PSCs), highlighted the growth of local companies in oil and gas sector. Stronger local companies will support the country’s target to increase the oil and gas production in years ahead. “It is very important for all of us to support the capacity of local business players because they play big part in a successful oil and gas operation,” Gusminar said.

In the following day, Firdaus joined another panel discussion, along with other local entrepreneurs to talk more about his challenges in developing the business. At the end of the session, he received the appreciation as one of the best local entrepreneurs from the forum’s committee.

Forum Kapnas 2021 is the first hybrid event held by SKK Migas and PSCs, combining both online and offline activities. The offline event took place in Jakarta Convention Center under strict health protocols and minimum-crowd arrangement.

Lutfi Rakhmawati October 27, 2021
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