PetroChina receives Patra Nirbhaya Karya Utama Adinugraha I awards from MEMR

04 November 2020 by
Stefani Paskalia Widiyani

The ministry hosts Patra Nirbhaya Karya Utama awards annually for both upstream and downstream oil and gas firms. There are several ranks in the awarding system, with Patra Nirbhaya Karya Utama I being the highest safety award from the ministry for oil and gas players in Indonesia. Only five exploitation companies, including PetroChina, received the award this year. Field Manager Jabung Arief Hari Suseno represented the PetroChina management during the awarding event.

Arifin mentioned in his opening remarks that the commitment to ensure workplace safety should begin with companies’ leaders. He said that leaders should nurture safety as a culture that becomes a part of every work aspect.

Arifin also highlighted the importance of the Oil and Gas Safety Management System (SMKM). “The implementation of the Oil and Gas Safety Management in companies is a must. Both upstream and downstream businesses should have a safety management system that is understood not just by top management but also everyone working in field,” he said.

As Jabung Block operator in Jambi, PetroChina booked 60,533,145 safe working hours without lost time incident between December 15, 2011 and April 30, 2020.

The achievement highlights years of hard work and support of all PetroChina employees, our partners, and SKK Migas as upstream oil and gas regulator.

Stefani Paskalia Widiyani November 4, 2020
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