PetroChina Participates in National Waste Care Festival 2022

27 June 2022 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

PetroChina observed the World Environment Day 2022 by participating in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry’s “National Waste Care Festival 2022” in Jakarta between June 14 to 17.

The festival carried the theme of “One Earth for the Future” and was hosted at the ministry’s Manggala Wanabakti Auditorium. During the opening ceremony, Director General of Waste Management, Waste and Hazardous and Toxic Materials at the Ministry, Rosa Vivien Ratnawati, said there were three main concerns namely greenhouse gas emission, biodiversity loss and pollution.

The third concern was the main reason behind the circular economy movement that turned waste to raw material. “Waste problem can be solved with technology then we can manage waste into something useful with your circular economy” she said.

The festival highlighted the various roles in waste management, including from private sectors like PetroChina. Throughout the four-day event, PetroChina opened a booth that displayed some paper waste-sourced products such as bags, pencil cases, and flower vases. On June 15, PetroChina hosted a talk show about the company’s community program in environment.

The talk show featured “Gerbang Lestari”, which stands for Gerakan Pengembangan Lingkungan Ekologi dan Sapi-Sawit Terintegrasi or Environmental Development and Integrated Cattle-Palm Oil Farming Movement in Tanjung Jabung Timur, where Jabung Block is situated. The movement is organized by a group of local farmers, including younger generations, and focuses on utilizing the waste from cattle farming and palm oil farming as organic fertilizers.

During the opening day, more than 100 people visited PetroChina booth to discuss about the social programs, learn more the milestone of Gerbang Lestari Ecological Park and play games. They can get new information how PetroChina handled reduce waste with circular economy principle.

Lutfi Rakhmawati June 27, 2022
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