PetroChina Jabung Hosts Festive Chinese New Year 2024 Celebration

14 March 2024 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

PetroChina Jabung hosted a festive Chinese New Year 2024 celebration on Thursday, March 7. The event, held at Menara Kuningan’s Sanctuary Ballroom, was attended by PetroChina Jabung management and Jakarta Office employees.

This year’s Chinese New Year 2024 celebration also coincides with Service Awards 2023 ceremony as well as New Jabung 1st Anniversary, since PetroChina officially secured the contract extension for Jabung Working Area in February last year.

“The new year and anniversary bring a fresh spirit to run Jabung with better care for safety, security, efficiency, and sustainability. Let us continue to work as one Jabung team who works with the best intention and dedication,” PetroChina Indonesia president director Qian Mingyang said in his opening remark.

The theme of dedication in Qian’s speech is in line with the Service Awards ceremony, which celebrates employees who have worked at the company for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years. The ceremony is proof that PetroChina considers employees as the company’s most precious and valuable assets.

The festivity also featured a fashion show competition between 5 VP teams. The GM Jabung team emerged as first winner with a performance themed Jabung Kingdom. Meanwhile, VP Operational & Development team was the second winner with a performance themed The History of Prosperity in Chinese Folklore. President Director team was the third winner with a performance themed Journey to the East.

Furthermore, VP Finance team won Most Unique Team award and VP Business Support team won Most Creative Team and Best Supporter awards. During the fashion show competition, supporters of each team showcased their yells which contributed to the event’s general excitement.   

For the New Jabung 1st Anniversary segment, Qian sliced a tumpeng conical yellow rice as a symbol of gratitude and hope. “As we celebrate New Jabung First Anniversary, we must reflect to our previous year. The Jabung PSC Contract Extension was off to a challenging start. Last year was tough and bumpy. Fortunately, we have a great teamwork. We sailed through the storm together. We admit our shortcomings and improve the standards.” Qian said.

Through the celebration, let us foster a positive spirit of managing Jabung Working Area together to achieve better results in the future. Let us welcome this Year of the Wood Dragon with optimism, good intention, and sincerity.

Xi Nian Kuai Le. Gong Xi Fa Cai. Wan Shi Ru Yi!

Mohammad Iman Mahditama March 14, 2024
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