PetroChina Indonesia Performs at CNODC Gathering

12 February 2020 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

Nineteen employees of PetroChina Indonesia presented a glimpse of Indonesian culture through dance and music performance at China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Company (CNODC) New Year Gala 2020 in Beijing on January 20.

The group performed “Ratoh Jaroe” dance from Nangroe Aceh Darussalam and a medley song of “Yamko Rambe Yamko” of Papua and “Ayo Mama” of Maluku.

CNODC, a subsidiary of PetroChina’s parent company China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), invited high level representatives from CNODC and PetroChina overseas companies as audience, as well as employee performers from Indonesia, Chad, Canada, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Iraq and other joint-groups of CNPC International. The event celebrated the CNODC overseas milestone of reaching oil and gas production of 100,000,000 tons equivalent on equity basis.

While delivering the opening remarks, CNODC President Mr. Wang Zhongcai, who was accompanied by CNODC General Manager Mr. Ye Xiandeng, thanked all employees for their hard works and dedication in developing the company’s business.

PetroChina Indonesia’s team consisted of employees from various departments such as Commercial, Communication, Control and Compliance, Exploration, Exploitation, Financial Planning & Control, General Affairs, Human Resources, IT, and Procurement. The team prepared the performance for more than two months.

Ratoh Jaroe dance, performed by eight female employees, involved fast hand-clapping movements in organized formations. The dance was followed by a monologue, presented by a PetroChina Indonesia employee, about PetroChina’s operations in Indonesia and the diversity in the archipelago. The last part of the performance was the medley song brought by a vocal group of seven employees and accompanied by two other dancers. The group performed the last part of “Ayo Mama” in Chinese, homage to the song that is quite well known among Chinese people. The six-minute performance impressed the audience and ended with huge applause from those attending the event, as well as the online viewers who watched the performance through live streaming.

Lutfi Rakhmawati February 12, 2020
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