PetroChina Hosts Covid-19 Socialization ahead of Eid Holidays

07 May 2022 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

Ahead of the Eid holidays, PetroChina Covid-19 Task Force Team hosted Covid-19 Socialization for Jakarta employees on April 25-26, 2022. Doctors from the Siloam Jantung Diagram Hospital in Depok, West Java, were invited to the virtual event to talk about Covid-19 prevention for the week-long holiday season.

More than 350 employees attended the gathering that was split into three sessions. During the socialization, both the doctors and PetroChina Covid-19 Task Force Team head Riza Primahendra shared useful tips for safe travels during the holidays.

“People enjoy the week-long holiday differently. Some will return to their hometowns for Eid gatherings with their families, while others may travel out of town for vacation. Both require careful preparation so we can spend the holidays safely and joyfully. Even those who want to spend the holidays in Jakarta must follow strict health protocols,” Riza reminded.

As the government has eased travel restrictions, 85 million Indonesians are expected to travel in this year’s Eid holidays, a sharp increase from the past two years in the pandemic. This year, people with two doses of Covid-19 vaccine and a booster are no longer required to take antigen test before traveling.

Indonesia has recorded decreasing number of Covid-19 cases in the past months, with only 317 new cases reported on April 25. However, the country is still at risk of having another wave of new cases following the mass exodus during the national holidays.

“Wherever we go, we must remember that the main protection against Covid-19 is not vaccination but the health protocols of wearing mask, washing our hands, keeping the distances, limiting our public activities, and avoiding crowds,” Riza added.

PetroChina has actively educated employees about the importance of health protocols to prevent the Covid-19 infection. Since 2020, PetroChina has hosted nine Covid-19 dissemination events covering various topics, including health protocols, vaccinations, and physical exercises.

Lutfi Rakhmawati May 7, 2022
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