PetroChina Holds First Ramadan Event after Covid-19 Pandemic

18 April 2024 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

PetroChina Moslem Community in Jakarta Office held First Ramadan Event called “Ramadan in Office” after Covid-19 Pandemic. More than 100 PetroChina employees and their family members attended the event on Saturday (23/3) at PetroChina’s Mosque.

Chairman of the Moslem Community Hendra Niko Saputra and senior advisor Budi Tyas Utomo also attended the gathering that brought the theme of “Fostering Islamic Behaviour in the Next Generation of Nation”.

The event was enlivened by the joy of employees’ children who enthusiastically joined in various games that combined religious teachings and fun activities. There were various competitions, including colouring and calligraphy competitions for Kindergarten and Elementary School students categories, as well as memorizing short chapters of Holy Qur'an for the Junior High School students category.

In addition to the various competitions, the event also included various Ramadan activities for the children such as the delivery of character education, fun edu games, reflection session, and making crafts that would later be presented to the parents. Meanwhile, parents also attended a reflection session on parenthood. Ramadan in Office Event then closed with breaking fast together as the last session.

As the organizer, PetroChina Moslem Community collaborated with Duta Transformasi Insani (DTI) as facilitator of the event.

Mohammad Iman Mahditama April 18, 2024
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