PetroChina Holds Awareness Training on First Aid at Work Place during Covid-19 Pandemic

12 April 2021 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

The training was held on Zoom in collaboration with Amira Medika. Occupational health doctor Sofi Kumala Dewi provided the training for 98 participants. Other than first-aiders, employees who routinely work from office during the Covid-19 pandemic also attended the training.

In his remarks, PetroChina HSSE Manager Alvin Reginald said that first aiders had an important role in promoting safety culture and helping ensure zero incident at the workplace.

“This training on basic life support awareness is important to refresh our knowledge on what we must do when there is an accident in our workplace, especially as we are still going through the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

In the training session, dr Sofi explained about adaptation to basic life support during the pandemic. “For instance, we do not do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation nowadays. Furthermore, we need to be aware that victims in need of basic life support may be Covid-19 positive. We must adjust our first aid accordingly,” she said.

She also explained about the components of basic life support, usually abbreviated as DRS CABD. “First, check for danger. Ensure that you, the victim and the environment are safe before giving first aid. Second, check for the victim’s response. Call their name and pat lightly on their shoulder,” she said.

Next is send for help. Afterwards, helpers need to check for circulation (pulse). If there is no pulse, do chest compression 30 times. Next, check for airway and breathing. If necessary, use automatic external defibrillator.

PetroChina Indonesia regularly holds first aid trainings for employees, as part of the company’s commitment on putting workers’ health and safety first. During the pandemic, the trainings are conducted online. Non-first aiders who routinely work from office attend the training as first aiders are not working from office every day during the pandemic.

The article is prepared by Mohammad Iman Mahditama & dr. Boy Hidayat

Mohammad Iman Mahditama April 12, 2021
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