PetroChina Continues to Support Stunting-Reduction Program

26 February 2024 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

PetroChina has continued to support the stunting-reduction program done by the West Tanjung Jabung government. The company handed over the 600 boxes of high-calorie milk for babies aged 6-12 months and 900 boxes of high-calorie milk for toddlers aged 12-59 months in Terjun Gajah Village, Betara District, on Thursday (15/02). The milk served as an additional dietary supplement for kids who are categorized as prone to stunting. 

The program was handed over by Field Manager Jabung Rudy Hermawan, who was assisted by PetroChina Government and Relation Superintendent Lasno, Community Development Staff M. Yuda Ramdani, Health Department of West Tanjung Jabung, Head of Sukorejo community health centers (puskesmas), Head of Terjun Gajah Village integrated mother-and-children healthcare posts (posyandu), as well as mothers and toddlers receiving support.

Over the past years, the West Tanjung Jabung administration has developed various programs to reduce the rate of stunting among babies and toddlers. PetroChina has supported this through several CSR programs, including food supplement programs, stunting prevention training for healthcare workers, and donation of anthropometry equipment to the local health centers.

Mohammad Iman Mahditama February 26, 2024
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