PetroChina Completes Pipeline Construction in Panen Field

09 January 2020 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

PetroChina International Jabung Ltd. has successfully completed the oil and gas pipeline construction in Panen Field. Following the completion of the pipeline, PetroChina on December 30, 2019, recorded the first gas flow from Panen Utara-1, Panen-D2D, Panen-D6, Panen-D2, Panen-D1, Panen Utara-2, Panen-D9, dan Panen-D4, and Panen-D7 wells and oil flow into pipeline from Panen Utara-1, Panen-D2D, Panen-D6, Panen-D2, Panen-D1, Panen-1, Panen Utara-2, Panen-D9, Panen-D4, and Panen-3 wells.

The completion of pipeline facility in Panen Field would significantly boost the oil and gas production of Jabung Block. The oil production from Panen Field, which was previously transported by trucking, is now flowed through the newly installed 19.7-kilometer underground pipe with the diameter of 6-inch to Gemah Gathering Station. Meanwhile, the gas production, which was not fully utilized due to the unavailability of pipeline, is now flowed through 15.1-kilometer pipeline with diameter of 10-inch to NEB#8 Receiver Shelter.

The initial production flowed through the pipeline was recorded at 12.2 mmscfd of gas and 3,292 bopd of oil. The first Oil and Gas of Panen Field have been received on 30 December 2019, where the oil was flowing to Gemah Production Station and the gas was flowing to existing gas processing to separate becoming liquid product (LPG and condensate) and gas sales/lean gas product. The Lean Gas product then is flowing to GSPL as gas buyer as per Sales Gas Agreement (GSA).

Panen pipeline is one of the 2019 main projects to increase production in the Jabung PSC Block. PetroChina has become the operator of Jabung Block since 2002, with Petronas Carigali (Jabung) Ltd., PP Oil & Gas (Indonesia-Jabung) Limited, and PT Pertamina (Persero) as partners. As the production sharing contractor (PSC), PetroChina works under monitoring and supervision of upstream oil regulator SKK Migas.

Lutfi Rakhmawati January 9, 2020
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