PetroChina Carries Out Successful Shutdown

03 November 2022 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

PetroChina Jabung has successfully carried out its planned shutdown program at Betara Gas Plant (BGP) within schedule and with zero accident on October 23-30, 2022. Optimal preparation and good coordination during shutdown were key behind the accomplishment. Currently, all surface facilities are already back to normal operation, with some equipment showing better performance after shutdown.

The shutdown program involved 1,354 workers, working in two shifts around the clock. Covid-19 health protocols and grid management were strictly applied without interrupting shutdown process in order to prevent any Covid-19 outbreak.

PetroChina successfully accomplished nine main activities and 87 follower activities. Critical path activities include inspections of Amine Flash Column and Amine Stripper as well as replacement of Turbo Expander MCS (Mechanical Center Section). All were completed on schedule, allowing BGP ramp up to begin also on schedule. Meanwhile, all follower activities were completed on schedule on Oct. 27.

Lessons learnt during shutdown will serve as basis for improvement for the next shutdown and facility performance. Furthermore, good communication and coordination influenced implementation of shutdown work.

Mohammad Iman Mahditama November 3, 2022
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