National Police Supervises Security Management System in PetroChina Jabung

23 November 2023 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

As the Production Sharing Contractor (PSC) that continues the operation of Jabung Working Area for the period of 2023 – 2043, PetroChina International Jabung Ltd. (PCJL) keeps improving the implementation of Good Corporate Governance based on Indonesian regulations.

From September 27 to 29, the National Police’s Security Maintenance Agency (Baharkam) and the Directorate of Vital Object Security (Ditpamobvit) of Jambi Police supervised the monitoring and control of Security Management System (SMP) in Jabung Working Area.

The supervision visit was related to the Audit Result 2020 and led by Sr. Comr. Trihadi Kuncahyo, who was assisted by Field Manager Jabung Rudy Hermawan and PetroChina’s Head of Security Arif Atmoko. Vice President Technical and Business Development Yu Jinbao, who supervises the HSSE Dept. in PetroChina, also joined the occasion. The supervision for the SMP implementation is PetroChina’s responsibility to always improving the security around Jabung Working Area, which is listed as National Vital Object (Obvitnas).

Yu welcomed the various supervision efforts from the National Police to ensure the security in Jabung Area. “This supervision is filled with collaborative spirit between PCJL and the National Police, which is one of our main stakeholders. We hope that PCJL can maintain the SMP certification audit with GOLD REWARD and keep implementing the security measurements as stated in the National Police Regulation No. 7 year 2019, “ Yu said.

The supervision visit by SMP Auditor Team of Baharkam was a follow-up of the audit result in 2020 for five security elements, namely commitment and policy, security pattern, security configuration, security implementation standards, as well as monitoring and evaluation.

For its employees, PCJL regularly strengthens the education related to the Security Management System. In June this year, PCJL hosted the Security Talk “Implementation of Security Management System of National Vital Objects to Support the Upstream Oil and Gas Operation” for Jakarta Office and Jabung Field employees.

As the operator of Jabung Block under the monitoring and supervision of SKK Migas, PCJL has involved the National Police and the Indonesian Army for the security of National Vital Objects in all Jabung’s operational facilities. This is to ensure the successful upstream oil and gas operations in Jabung as part of our efforts to support the production target of 1 Million BOPD of oil and 12 BSCFD of gas in 2030.

Mohammad Iman Mahditama November 23, 2023
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