Jabung among Top Performing Blocks in 2020

29 October 2020 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

As of September 30, SKK Migas reported 706,201 BOPD of total oil and condensate lifting, slightly higher than the target set on the state budget 2020 of 705,000 BOPD, as well as 5,502 MMSCFD of gas lifting, slightly lower than the state budget target of 5,556 MMSCFD.

Jabung is one of top performing blocks, ranked seventh with 16,113 BOPD of oil and condensate lifting and ranked eighth with 174 MMSCFD of gas lifting. The oil and condensate lifting is 106.3 percent higher than 15,157 BOPD set at the state budget, and the gas lifting is 106.2 percent higher than the target of 164 MMSCFD.

The total of investment in upstream oil and gas sector in Indonesia reached US$6.9 billion as of September this year, SKK Migas reported.

Globally, exploration and production firms have cut their 2020 investment budget by almost 30 percent, from $325 billion before the oil crash to $228 billion. Several national oil and companies, including PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Petronas, Petrobras and Saudi Aramco have announced their CAPEX revision plan by 32.2 percent.

Oil and gas companies in Indonesia, known as production sharing contractors (PSCs) that operate under the monitoring of SKK Migas, have struggled to maintain production amid Covid-19 outbreak in many parts of the country. As of October 2020, SKK Migas revealed that 2,593 oil and gas workers and their families tested positive for Covid-19, including 52 people from PetroChina Jabung.

PetroChina has taken various prevention and control efforts against Covid-19 to ensure the safety and smooth operation in Jabung Block. We have applied multiple screenings to prevent Covid-19 infection in oil and gas facilities through epidemiology background check, multiple days of quarantine and rapid test/PCR test obligation for the field workers. Since March, PetroChina has been implementing work-from-home policy for Jakarta employees and instructs them to report the temperature check three times a day.

Through Covid-19 taskforce and other government agencies, PetroChina has channeled various donations for Covid-19 prevention efforts in Jakarta and Jambi. PPE, surgical masks, disinfection services, and staple food packages for members of society and local journalists.

Lutfi Rakhmawati October 29, 2020
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