GLPO Technology Expected to Boost Jabung Production

23 November 2021 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

The initial production was recorded at 278 BOPD, a worthy boost for the Jabung production.

“The successful implementation of GLPO in Marmo-1 contributes to PetroChina’s production and helps boosting our national production as well. With the success of GLPO project in Marmo-1, I hope PetroChina will scale up and run the same programs for three other wells, namely SB-D6, WB-D15A and Panen-Utara1,” said SKK Migas Deputy of Operation Julius Wiratno in early November 2021.

Given the positive result, Julis said that GLPO became a worthy rigless activities to boost production. The technology needed simpler installation with flexible gas injection application. “The lesson learned [from this success] is that we must try new methods and turn challenges into opportunities to increase production,” he added.

Julius said that SKK Migas would closely monitor the development of GLPO in Marmo-1 as a pilot project to consider the implementation in field-scale area. Julius also said that other Production Sharing Contractors (PSCs) could learn from this application of technology to optimize the production.

According to Julius, since 2019, SKK Migas has encouraged PSCs to use various ways such as artificial lift, sand control technology and other rigless methods to increase production. “Of course we all must committed in these projects to achieve good results,” he said.

Lutfi Rakhmawati November 23, 2021
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