Deputy Manpower Minister Voices Support for Upstream Oil and Gas Investment in Visit to Jabung Block

19 January 2023 by
Lutfi Rakhmawati

Production sharing contractor (PSC) PetroChina International Jabung Ltd., which operates Jabung Working Area in Jambi Province under the supervision and monitoring of SKK Migas, received Deputy Manpower Minister Afriansyah Noor in his visit to NEB#9 and WB-D7 areas in Tanjung Jabung Barat Regency, Jambi Province, on Sunday, 15 January 2023.

In his visit, Afriansyah was received by PetroChina VP Human Resources & Relations Dencio Renato Boele, SKK Migas Southern Sumatra Representative Office public relations department head Andi Arie Pangeran, and SKK Migas human resources division representative Veronica Risna.

After his field inspection and a subsequent meeting with PetroChina’s team on the company’s continuous support for local communities, Afriansyah said that he hoped SKK Migas and PetroChina can rectify widespread misinformation on the company’s community development programs and recruitment of local workforce.

Afriansyah said that it would be important to spread correct information on the benefits of upstream oil and gas activities for local communities. Furthermore, the deputy minister also appreciated PetroChina’s achievements in supporting government programs to improve the local economy through its community development programs.

Afriansyah said that no one wanted any accident to occur. Therefore, based on his field inspection in Jambi, he said that SKK Migas – PetroChina’s handling of the two recent incidents at Jabung Working Area was proper. He acknowledged that PetroChina has provided proper medical treatment for all injured workers and facilities for their families. In line with the commemoration of this year’s Month of Occupational Health and Safety on January 12 – February 12, the Deputy Manpower Minister conveyed that PetroChina should prioritize safety in all of its operational activities. “I urge all companies that invest in Indonesia, not only PetroChina, to carry out all activities in line with procedures. They should pay attention to work safety and to insure their workers and ensure their welfare,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that he would not obstruct any investment in Indonesia. However, he emphasized that all aspects of work safety must be ensured and that absorption of local manpower be optimized. “Moving forward, I hope that the people of Jambi would be prioritized for hiring in PetroChina,” he said. “We will look at competent and skilled workers. The local government must also work with all companies to provide specialized training for local manpower so that they can be hired,” he explained. Afriansyah also said that PetroChina’s employment procedures were in line with laws and regulations, including on the procedure to recruit local manpower.

Meanwhile, Dencio said that the Deputy Manpower Minister’s visit was proof of SKK Migas and PetroChina’s transparency and preparedness to work together with various stakeholders in investigating the two recent incidents in Jabung Working Area.

According to Dencio, Afriansyah inspected the sites of the incidents during his visit, namely NEB#9 and WB-D7 areas. Afriansyah also had the opportunity to chat with workers on site and to listen to a presentation from PetroChina’s HSSE team on the company’s operational procedures.

Other stakeholders who have conducted field inspection at WB-D7 area include representatives of the Oil and Gas Directorate General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, SKK Migas Southern Sumatra Representative Office, South Sumatra Police forensics lab and the manpower agencies of Tanjung Jabung Barat Regency and Jambi Province.

PetroChina also ensures that the two drilling service companies have fulfilled their obligations to the injured workers. “Other than paying for the treatment of all three injured workers, the company also provides hotel and daily allowance for family members accompanying the workers during treatment,” Dencio said.

As the operator of Jabung Working Area since 2002, PetroChina has offered job opportunities for locals. Currently, 278 of 411 permanent workers in Jabung Field are from Jambi Provice. Furthermore, 725 out of 778 third-party workers in Jabung are Jambi residents.

The presence of Geragai Camp in Tanjung Jabung Timur Regency and Betara Camp in Tanjung Jabung Barat regency has also boosted local economy through housing rental, catering and other local businesses.

PetroChina also continuously carries out community development programs for local communities in Jabung Working Area. PetroChina collaborates with local governments and communities to design various infrastructure, education, health, economic empowerment, and environment programs.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have also been involved in various Covid-19 prevention and treatment initiatives in Jabung Working Area and other regions in Indonesia,” Dencio said.

On behalf of SKK Migas Southern Sumatra Representative Office head, SKK Migas Southern Sumatra Representative Office public relations department head Andi Arie Pangeran appreciated the Deputy Manpower Minister for his visit to Jabung Field. “We thank the deputy minister for his office’s continuous support and cooperation between the ministry and the upstream oil and gas industry. It is an honor for us that he would visit Jabung Working Area,” Arie said.

He said that SKK Migas would always supervise all efforts by PetroChina in handling the incidents, especially in the medical treatment for injured workers. He said that the two incidents would serve as a lesson for evaluation for the upstream oil and gas industry to improve work safety for all workers.

“In line with the deputy minister’s instructions, SKK Migas encourages PetroChina to always carry out various steps to improve work safety. We also encourage PetroChina to focus on the treatment for injured workers and other steps that have been and will be carried out on manpower and operational issues in Jabung Working Area,” Arie said.

Lutfi Rakhmawati January 19, 2023
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