Collaboration for Local Culture: PetroChina Promotes Jambi’s Batik and Tengkuluk

22 March 2022 by
Mohammad Iman Mahditama

PetroChina Jabung is proud to support efforts to promote Jambi’s culture as part of its commitment on local development. On March 8, 2022, Bendrifa Brilianti from Communication Department represented the company in a batik and tengkuluk campaign initiative held by Jambi province’s handicrafts council (Dekranasda).

Tengkuluk is a popular headcloth in Sumatra island, especially in regions influenced by Malay or Minangkabau cultures such as Jambi. Tengkuluk commonly uses traditional fabric with batik motifs.

The campaign includes promotional book and video on Jambi batik and tengkuluk. The book will be published by Dekranasda Jambi while the video will be promoted on Dekranasda’s social media channels.

Dekranasda Jambi representative Ida Maryanti said the collaboration between PetroChina and the handicrafts council was a good way to preserve Jambi’s local culture. “This collaboration will help boost local economy among small batik businesses in Jambi,” she said.

The campaign initiative is in line with PetroChina’s continued support for batik development in Jambi. “We are committed to support Jambi’s batik. We have to work together to preserve it,” Bendrifa said.

Other than PetroChina and Dekranasda, the campaign initiative also involved region-owned businesses, local administrations and women groups.

Mohammad Iman Mahditama March 22, 2022
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