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President's Note

​It has not been so long time since I was assigned to this country. As a new comer, I looked carefully at the past performance of  the company. By now, I could tell you that PetroChina International Companies in Indonesia is absolutely one of the best assets in both PetroChina domestic and worldwide for i​ts profitability, complexity of the operations and effective management.

However, achievements belong to the past! The current critical situation of the low oil price in the world puts us in a new role and in a serious risk. Undoubtedly, we must learn how to survive and grow.

As part of PetroChina in the world, one of the advantages we can take lies on PetroChina's experience of more than two decades worldwide, which has created trust in the countries where it operates due to the high standards, applied to perfect the safety and protection to the environment. Furthermore, the financial strength and the talent accumulations have created investments for long terms.

The other advantage we can take is the strong support of the Indonesia's government represented in its different levels, the contribution of our unique employees and the outstanding collaborations from our stakeholders. They are significant items to make our dreams coming true.

Hence, I am sure we will be able to find the light at the end of the tunnel even when it appears as a difficult task. Every adversity always opens doors to new opportunities and we have the potential to be resilient to the current situation through innovation and a team work.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my commitment to get away the crisis and to make our company growing faster and higher, for which I devote my 30 years of experience and knowledge. No matter you belive or not, the solutions are always more than the problems. Caring for energy, caring for you" is the only slogan we have for this world!

​Caring for energy, caring for you is the only slogan we have for this world!